The Last Post

Dear Readers,

It’s been quite an amazing (almost) 12 months together. Thank you for being part of this journey and helping me to build this site into what it is today. Your interest and enthusiasm to be part of improving the quality and integrity of Australian biosciences gives me a lot of hope for the road ahead.

In my “New Year” post I hinted that the format of this site was going to change and now I want to tell you how. After a lot of reflection I have decided that the best way for me to deliver the unmet need of an ASX “buy side” bioscience analysist function for retail investors is to formalise what I do. Because of the influence that this site now has, it is difficult to continue to argue that it accords with the intention of compliance with ASIC RG162.7 as a limited Internet Discussion Site (IDS). I don’t particularly mind the occasional bout of defamation harassment, but I think that provoking ASIC is a fundamentally unsound idea.

My current activities are focused on setting up a formal (licensed) research firm so that I can not only provide a “deep dive” on the science and commercialisation reality of the sector, but also provide you with some of the financial modelling and valuation forecasting as well. To be able to give retail investors this kind of information, I need to boost the size of the team and go “pro”. It’s just very time-consuming and I need help.

For the cynics among you, this is not me “selling out”. I’ve never traded on my commentary and remain steadfast in the objective of serving the “Mum and Dad” retail investor. As such, I want to go on the record now that I will not charge retail investors for research. However, I am also not going to make my research a “free-for-all” to the public either because, quite frankly, I am a bit fed up with the legal harassment, HotCopper bashing and hundreds of abusive communications I receive each week in the course of offering a public internet discussion site. Going forward, a limited (and very sanitised) subset of my commentary will be available to the general public in the form of a corporate blog, but the detailed analyst reports that my team will produce will only be available on a subscription basis. That way if you don’t want my commentary or don’t like the commentary, you can just unsubscribe (and get lost).

If you are interested, you can get a taste of the new site here (it is still under development).

Back in June of last year I launched a subscription scheme for the Long Tail. This has actually been quite successful and helped me to get much closer to the reader base, which I really enjoy. However only about 1/20th of the total readership base has formally subscribed and I want to change this. Therefore, I am going to keep subscription to the “Long Tail” open until the 1st of April, 2016. Anyone who has not subscribed by that date will not be able to access the detailed content or analysis that we are in the process of creating (subject to licensing approval).

Now, I am not legally in a position to solicit you for a financial advisory product, so I am asking for your registration merely as an expression of interest in receiving the “new” Long Tail service (to reiterate, free of charge to retail investors). On the 1st of April when subscription closes, I will be emailing all registered readers an individual, private login access to the new site. At that time you will also have the opportunity to opt-out. Indeed anyone who is subscribed to the “Long Tail” (and successor sites) can opt out at any time. This site’s content, as it stands (i.e., will remain a matter of public record as an archived site. I apologise for sounding pretentious but it was intended to be of “service” to retail investors and I see no need to decommission it. The @asxlongtail twitter handle will also survive.

I think, on the whole, there is still useful information here, even if not everyone likes it.

Finally, in order to make this next evolution of the site a success, I need the power of numbers. I am unable to offer you any sort of financial inducement to spread the word about subscribing to this site (and I don’t think that particularly fits my personal ethics anyhow). Instead, you will note on the updated subscription form there is an additional field – a “Referrer” field. I will donate AUD $0.50 to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Center* for every new subscriber that is referred to me by an existing subscribed reader. All you have to do is put their name or email address in as the “Referrer” (with their consent, of course).

That’s it from me for now. More to follow on April Fools Day …


*Up to a maximum of AUD $5,000.00

8 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. Thank you Chris for your informative and houmorous insights in the happenings of ASX biotech and life science. Keep holding that Bunsen burner to the balls of the incompetents and misleading.


  2. Congratulations, Chris!

    Your new Irukandji Research website looks great!

    I hope you get lots of new members signing up to your new, more private site and lots less abusive email from the angry randoms.

    I look forward to reading your in-depth analysis on the health stocks you consider to be worth keeping an eye on.


    • Its a shame that you need to shut down this site and pathetic that you receive legal threats for what have always been excellent, well-researched and beautifully written posts. Is providing the email address below (which has been provided previously) sufficient to ensure that I am subscribed to your new site?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi JD,

        I will make sure you are on the list.

        To be clear, nobody is forcing me to shut down this site. It’s just been a bit “too successful” and I need to move it into a different environment. I promise that when it goes back “live” in its new form ( that it will be even better.

        However, anyone who has not subscribed before April 1st will simply never (NEVER) be allowed access to the site. So pass the word around…

        Thanks for reading … and for your support

        Long Tail


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