How transparent is Onocosil?

Due to a Notice of Concern issued under s14(2) of the Defamation Act 2005 (NSW) by Oncosil Limited (ASX : OSL) this post has been removed. Sorry.

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5 thoughts on “How transparent is Onocosil?

  1. Nice detective work…
    My opinion of ‘VP’ of regulatory positions (in Device Companies) is very low… I think they’re more for show than anything else.From some limited experience with a few,they’re not integral to the actual regulatory process and can easily be replaced with someone with 3 years or so of relevant experience… that doesn’t happen of course because you want someone with a reasonably long CV to dress things up a bit.
    Oncosil will be paying a bucket load to BSI to help get everything in order,now BSI will simply report to someone else.
    I do agree that it seems strange no announcement was made,but it might just indicates the lack of importance that OSL places on the VP Regulatory position.
    As you mention,BSI is a service provider , and they offer a fast tracking service as an extra cost.Perhaps the sales guy convinced OSL to spend the extra money on fast tracking,only to ‘discover’ shite,we need to do alot more work…..who knows


    • I have a had a few people reach out to me to say that Aoifa had some personal reasons for stepping down, so not nefarious.

      For me it is just part of the lack of transparency. It’s a small company and a change in executive team warrants mention.


  2. Chris,

    I think you missed the point about Oncosil receiving adverse guidance for CE marking in the early October review and that the Oncosil crew have been flogging the same bs for over 10 years.

    The share price run has been nothing more than a pump. The same lot of sydney side spruikers that ran ACW, SFI… complete dimwits.

    The option vesting conditions are set out in schedule 1 of the 2013 EGM notice. It is purely share price based.

    The company made a firm statement that IDE had been lodged on 10th December, the FDA makes a firm statement that they process IDE application within 30 days (at which point they will provide a firm yes/no).
    Let’s see if they let this slide by without announcing the outcome 🙂


    • Yes – I found it in the end after a few posters on HotCopper announced it. I didn’t look that hard because the dates in the release didn’t really line up. But thanks…

      I thought it reasonable to give them to November and I had been meaning to comment (my output in December was quite low) and then Roger’s option vest was the trigger for my annoyance.

      Merry Christmas…


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