Phylogica : 600% Effective

Always good to get a pearl out of Phylogica (ASX : PYC) informing us that their latest “petri dish” experiment works 600% better than a previous “petri dish” experiment. Also nice to see approximately 600% abuse of ASX continuous disclosure rules…

Instead of writing yet another rant about PYC’s rubbish in vitro studies, I am going to simply rely on the old adage of a picture says 1,000 words:

petri dish handgun

Thank you to one of my lovely readers for sending this through and completely making my day. Full cred to the original cartoon by xkcd. Genius. Worth a look because their mouse-over is even funnier “Now, if it selectively kills cancer cells in a petri dish, you can be sure it’s at least a great breakthrough for everyone suffering form petri dish cancer.”


4 thoughts on “Phylogica : 600% Effective

  1. Chris, it’s quite clear that you are NQR!
    If I hold you in high regard, which I do, what does that say about me??!!
    Be who you are, God bless.


    • That’s about it all right… Actually, that’s my personal conspiracy theory regarding the SPL data. On day 3 all the DEP mice died which is why the tumours stopped growing and the error bars all look the same …


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