Because an Emu Wouldn’t Fit in the Oven…

One of my great hopes for the Australian biosciences scene is that we get to a stage of market information quality that retail investors can read and use a critical assessment of a biotech stock, and actually take note rather than just get their knickers in a twist. It requires many ecosystem changes but if we want to be as good as the US, it’s ultimately what we need to do. Quality, quality, quality. This site attempts this in an imperfect way, but if you want to see how the “big boys” do it, here is an article about Mesoblast (ASX : MSB) from Seeking Alpha worth reading:

Mesoblast, An Aussie Biotech Cooking Up A Turkey For American Investors.


Although I am not quite as negative about MSB as this article, a number of the key defects of the company are highlighted. It also probably warrants a brief pause from Silviu… if he hates shorters now, wait until he gets his NASDAQ debut…

I actually want MSB to succeed because I think that great companies are built as much by vision and ambition, as fundamental science and technology. Let’s face it, if we are relying on Novogen or Anteo to be our next set of flagship companies, we are probably in for a disappointment. But if we are all having a moment of candor with each other, MSB still has a long way to go in the “latter” (i.e. clinical outcomes) department.

I can only hope that something interesting is cooking with Celgene. If not, articles like this will be the beginning of the end of any real shot at NASDAQ and Aussie biotech doesn’t need another Benitec disaster, at least not this year.

6 thoughts on “Because an Emu Wouldn’t Fit in the Oven…

  1. I guess we have to take a long term big picture look here, if regenerative medicine is the future in the 21st century then MSB as a market leader should be an ultimate winner. In the short term though they may experience failures which is par for the course with any new frontiers and these challenges should be transparently dealt with and conveyed to the market.

    I question the timing of the US IPO and ask to question as to why it has taken so long to move in this direction and whether it highlights management’s haphazard approach in commercialising the technology.

    In relation to critical analysis this is absolutely essential and ensures accountability of management which ultimately benefits the whole sector.

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  2. I’m tipping the Celgene’s ROFR will come to nothing, and that the freebie ROFR extension was simply to avoid any bad news prior to the “IPO”

    Seems the U.S. Market could see through it…

    Bye bye Mesoblast – I think you’ve got a very tough road ahead


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