Novogen Retracts …

Well done boys. Well done. Loved the release – and loved the retraction. Good to know the company’s robust public communication processes are alive and well. I guess that’s the problem with making so many useless ASX disclosures (price sensitive no less!), eventually you are bound to trip yourself as you struggle to remember which cohort of tumour-laden mice are getting presented in a poster session, in any given month.

I personally think the retraction should have read as follows:


Novogen retracts this statement following the realisation that we had just made a bunch of shit up in order to file a press release and keep our shareholders interested in our drug development “projects”, mostly so we can continue to do nothing and pay ourselves a lot of money. 

Despite this clarification, the scientific ideas presented in the original price-sensitive disclosure may be recycled at some point in the future if we need to continue to give you the impression that we are doing something with our programs. Certainly we anticipate disclosing scientific data emerging from our Cantrixil Program at some stage, and when we do we will likely present it at a special AACR session with a poster entitled “Advances in Continuous Disclosure : Exploiting Vulnerabilities”.

All mirth aside, it’s tragic to note that still no meaningful pre-IND information has been presented by the company despite a dozen of these pointless scientific updates.

It must be maddening for shareholders.

5 thoughts on “Novogen Retracts …

    • It looks promising, but it is not actually a toxicology study. You don’t “observe” toxicology, you measure it through a bunch of fairly well designed assays. In the case of the FDA, (usually) two animals are required – one rodent, one non-rodent and the toxicology treatment profile must reflect the use of the drug.

      I think this is an important enough issue to understand that I am currently writing a separate short piece on “Basic Toxicology for Novogen Shareholders”. Hopefully I will get it out later this week.


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