Sydney narrowly escapes further public nakedness…

I think it is fair to say that comparing the visual thrill of a Spencer Tunick installation (feature image) to the mental vision of Yours Truly standing at the York St. entrance of Sydney’s Wynyard Train Station in his “birthday suit” is a bit of a stretch but hey, you have to work with what you have.

I promised back in early May that if MediBio (ASX : MEB) got a product out, I would semi-nakedly prostrate myself in a prominent public location in Sydney. Fortunately for the fine people of Sydney, I have not had to do this. Consistent with the company’s own public disclosures, I am under the impression that it may not be too much sooner though… so I will save any further ridicule until there is something to talk about. Or maybe not. Who knows, maybe the company will pull something out of a hat.

 Stranger things have happened…

Besides, Kris Knauer seems like a genuinely decent bloke and I’ve got a soft-spot for geologists that differentiate themselves by getting into biotech. As such, I will probably be slightly kinder the next time I write about MediBio, a.k.a. BioPropect. Frankly, if you take a step back and look at it objectively, there doesn’t seem to be all that much conceptual difference between gouging mineral wealth out of the ground, and gouging financial wealth out of ignorant shareholders, as both Anatara and Prima have demonstrated in the past week or so.

Saved for another day...

Saving it for another day…

Imagery from Spencer Turnick’s “Mardi Gras” installation at the Sydney Opera House. Remarkable stuff.

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