Anatara : No “Captnludd”, you are the “shitwit”

You see what I have to put up with?

It’s not just the hundreds of abusive emails a week, the occasional threatened lawsuits – but its the idiots on HotCopper. EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Relentlessly.

I recently posted about Anatara (ASX : ANR). I thought my analysis was fair. I didn’t lambaste the company. I didn’t say it was a completely stupid company. I duly acknowledged the importance of animal husbandry / productivity solutions that don’t involve antibiotics. Honestly, as far as reviews of completely and utterly underwhelming ASX-listed “biotech” quackery goes, it was pretty gentle. In fact, some people even abused me for being too kind.

I just can’t win.

But, no, I have to endure the abuse on HotCopper – from enlightened individuals that go by the pseudonym of “Capnludd” and “Andronicusbass” who obviously not only didn’t pass high school biology, but didn’t learn to spell either. Honestly, I hope it really is Julian Veronesi who is badmouthing me, because at least I would still have a modicum of respect for myself, but only just. I am going to temporarily go off the reservation here and I apologise for this, but please read very closely you clueless bunch of morons.

Here is the truth about YOUR company:

1) Australia is not a great pineapple-producing nation. You might think it is because somewhere in FNQ* there is a great big frickin’ pineapple, but actually Australia isn’t even a top-10 pineapple producing country. It’s also not a top-10 pork producing country.

2) Plenty of countries in the world process vast amounts of pineapple stem and do a perfectly good job of making bromelain. Almost every nutritional supplement store sells it (mostly originating from China or Brazil), and there are hundreds of companies all around the world offering this product in one guise or another.

3) Bromelain may well have medicinal and nutritional properties, but it is incredibly easy to extract, prepare and provide in a stable formulation. This is because it is a fruit protease (or enzyme) – actually, a collection of proteases – and they are intrinsically stable. That’s their frickin’ molecular job, to tear apart all the other proteins and break them down. If they were intrinsically unstable, they couldn’t do this. It’s just basic science.

4) Potency and enzymatic activity of bromelain is not rocket science, it is mostly a function of enzyme concentration. Like pretty much every other fruit enzyme that mankind has ever worked with.

So yes ,”Capnludd”, “Andronicusbass” and all the other losers that have invested in this company, you are STUPID. You have invested in a company that processes pineapple stem and feeds it to pigs. Not only that, but you invested in a company that in 1991 may have possessed some intellectual property around processing pineapple stems and feeding it to pigs, but doesn’t anymore.


Because patents expire. Truly.

So – no, this isn’t General Motors. Ah – no, this isn’t Sony, and no – it isn’t an Australian banking oligopoly. Jeez, I mean what online business school did this idiot go to and where has he been the last two decades? (He obviously doesn’t work for the ACCC, which I suppose is a relief of sorts). This is a company that, in a very small and completely unimportant way, grinds up pineapple waste and feeds it to pigs that have the shits, and is thinking about doing the same for people.

I will happily invest in the pigs. I would probably also potentially invest in something useful derived from the shit from the pigs, and I would certainly invest in anything that is a game-changer in the antibiotic management of animals. But I would never invest in this company because it is fundamentally stupid, and so are the assholes that have invested in it.

I feel better. Thanks for reading.


*FNQ = Far North Queensland for all the foreigners who read this crap. Actually the “Big Pineapple” is in Southern Queensland, but I think FNQ has much more drama and so I choose to exercise my editorial privilege.

10 thoughts on “Anatara : No “Captnludd”, you are the “shitwit”

  1. I’ve been watching public bio’s in the ASX for about a year, to come to terms with investment protocols. I still invest in private bio’s but I won’t do public. Public bio’s have become a game of gamblers, and the chief game for many is roulette; the game of fools. Only those who control the wheel really win in the end. Sometimes a little is given away, so that a lot can be taken later. The quality of governance is, in my opinion, at both an institutional and company level, low.

    Gamblers are addicts Chris and we know that standing between an addict and their fix is dangerous. You know the neuroscience on this, when an addiction is in the room the person that existed is subjugated and what you are dealing with is not inhuman, but is often inhumane. No where near as inhumane as the dealer or their minions who control the wheel. Those manipulators are often veiled in “do-gooder” language, presenting as world-saviours, school maams, and (forgive me) priests and prophets. All of this helps to maintain the momentum, it conserves control of deal, the throw, the spin.

    Revert to the science, Chris. It may re-inspire your interest and provide some insulation from the effects of personal attack. In the end, all you can do is illuminate the wheel to noobs (like me), and draw attention to its harm to all who might one day create positive change. But you know, as well as I do, the true power of gamblers, wheels and false prophets. Keep your sense of humour, and persist, we are learning the nature and cost of the game and that, in and of itself, is empowering.

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  2. I have come to realise that many Hotcopper members are Mums and Dad investors with a partiality for penny stocks.
    A bit like a middle class TAB where people congregate looking for quick get rich schemes and gravitate to circles with like minded people
    Whether it be biotech, mining or other, they invest so much of their capital (usually tiny) and emotion into their investments that they attack like wild dogs on anyone who proposes an opposing outcome other than that, they will soon be rich and retired.
    And Hotcopper despite (or because) of it’s logo to “protect shareholder rights” lends itself to rampers by banning contrarian posters. I know 2 posters, swami2 being one of them banned from Hotcopper for their posting on the ADO thread.
    Another was threatened.
    It might pay for someone to delve into Hotcopper’s ownership and allegiance.
    A cursory look by me sees that it is owned by a Tony Cunningham who happens to be the managing director of CPS Capital Group Pty Ltd which claims to be “Australia’s leading junior company stockbroker” and from WA (surprise, suprise).


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  4. Is this where IVX ended up? According to HOG documentation they were to retain some equity in this. Of course its total rubbish but that is what they said. Lawsuit here sitting and waiting for someone to pick it up and run with it for a bit of fun. Easy settlement pay off to be had here for someone willing to spend the time and pay the court filing fees.


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