I’ll be back …

Dear Tailgaters,

I’m sorry to do this, but I am going to have to temporarily take this site down. The last few weeks – possibly coincident with the Bioshares meeting in New Zealand – I got a little bit of “heat” for some of my posts. I guess people don’t like it when someone else spells the truth out for them.

I am also quite sure it will be a temporary hiatus while I go through a legal review process. At the end of the day, this is a public-interest site, I don’t trade on my commentary (directly or indirectly) and I always back up my words with facts. People may not like my words, but the facts are the facts.

I hope to be with you again soon…

The Long Tail

18 thoughts on “I’ll be back …

  1. Don’t go. The cretens and malfeasants have won otherwise. Facts ARE facts and cannot be disputed. The way you present them is refreshing to say the least. For you to have incurred the wrath of these people means they are living uneasy with their behaviour and largesse on shareholder coin. Which basically says, they know they are living a lie.

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  2. This is truly sad news.
    Cockroaches hate the light and the torch even more so.
    I too have had my eyes opened by your posts and am very grateful to have read all of them.
    If you ever need offshore hosting away from certain restraints, I can probably help.

    “”Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain” ~Friedrich Schiller

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  3. Devastated by this news. But its not over till the fat lady sings and I’m betting on this bouncing back better and stronger. Which is more than can be said for where many of the zombie biotechs you have covered are headed.

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  4. Chris

    Disappointed to hear of the hassles. This is an outstanding website. News breaking at times but always your honest interpretations which I as an investor have found invaluable even when it has been confronting to my investment strategies.

    Looking forward to the websites return

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  5. I was thoroughly enjoying the posts. So refreshing to read your assessments that were based on experience in the biomedical research field and such a contrast to the information that comes from both the companies and the media. Your interpretation of prospects, progress and events at these companies has been illuminating. Hope you return soon.

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  6. Sad to see this website going offline. Reading this blog for the past month I’ve learnt a lot more about biotech and the activities of these companies than anywhere else. Some excellent analyses that I’ll come to miss.

    All the best Chris, get up and running again soon.

    Seth Delpachitra


  7. It’s a shame that some ego’s are so fragile they get bruised by the weight of one person’s opinion and rather than counter with argument they choose to fight with threats and intimidation .
    In the court of public opinion they have already lost .
    Hope you resume writing soon bolder than ever.


  8. Great to have you back Chris. What do you reckon about Neuren’s latest announcement? I’m thinking things are looking quite good, particularly the potentially quick route to market for Retts indication.


    • Other than the EMA orphan status, I am not sure I ready anything particularly special. They still have no data to suggest it works – safety profile is an insufficient basis to articulate a Phase III plan. They are insufficiently capitalised to take a drug out to NDA.

      So no, it doesn’t do anything for me, really.


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