PAA: Congratulations to Roger and the team…

Monumental day! Well done, another bit of doggy data for PharmAust … to follow all the other bits of doggy data we have received this year. Yaaaay!

I think for all the world’s cancer patients, Executive Chairman Dr. Roger Aston’s comments bode particularly well, especially for women :

Combining chemotherapy with PPL-1 in a target species with a natural cancer, is an important step for PharmAust. Previous studies in rodents (announced to the market on the 17th of February, 2014) showed highly significant synergy between chemotherapy and PPL-1 without enhancement of the associated side-effects commonly seen with anticancer drugs. As such, the lack of any adverse events in canines is an exciting outcome. Furthermore, this gives us much confidence in moving forward with Phase II combination therapies in man

Oh sorry, that was “Man” not “Men”. No matter – I guess that means women are going to get given this stuff too.

Anyhow, wonderful news again! Two dogs have been “successfully” treated, and we are ready for Phase II in humans. Wow… that’s confidence! Forget any scientific data, PharmAust, we don’t need it! We don’t want it. If it’s good enough for Man’s Best Friend, it’s good enough for us dammit..

Ah… Roger. What can I say except that perhaps, on a fine day like today, the only thing happier than a dog with two dicks, is a Rog with two dogs?

C'mon Roger... give me a rub!

C’mon Roger… give me a rub!

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