Tour de Schnoz

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Rhinomed (ASX : RNO) is probably as close to an FDA-approved, pseudo-science medical device gimmick as you can get, but damned if it doesn’t know how to market itself. The sports franchise is pure genius too. I mean that.

Nonetheless, I still had to chuckle to myself today when I read the ASX announcement that cycling superstar Chris Froome has been appointed the “Turbine Ambassador” for Rhinomed’s nosegear. When CEO Michael Johnson commented that “we are thrilled to have locked in this long-term relationship”, presumably he wasn’t referring to a sneaky coating of superglue on rim of Chris’ schnozinator prior to insertion? Clearly, however, the promotional relationship doesn’t extend to Chris’ use of the “Turbine” to optimise his aprés-cycle aerobic activities …

No Rhinomed performance enhancement required here, ladies...

No Rhinomed performance enhancement required here, ladies…

Let me also briefly tip my hat to Rear Window’s master of short ‘n sweet satire, Will Glasgow, for his punchy little jab. I’m not sure whether the ASX announcement really was a price sensitive event or not. It could be, depending on how much sponsorship the company has to shuck out for the benefit of modelling Chris’ uniquely flared conk. But clearly there weren’t any Aussie cyclists who were dumb (or brave?) enough to put a bit of Australian-engineered polymer up the proboscis during a major sporting event like the Tour de France.

I guess all I can say is that we are all grateful for Chris’ sake that Rhinomed doesn’t also manufacture dildos. Though with another exceptional Martin Rogers product vision provisionally branded as “Vibrovein” (exquisite vibration control of a little prick, no less), it is clear that Rhinomed came perilously close. To be clear, however, if Chris Froome wins the Tour de France with Rhinomed’s “Turbine” firmly ensconced in his nozzle, he is definitely going to make a lot of people very very rich.

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