ACL : Erratum (Mr. Ken Poutakidis)

By way of follow-up to my previous post on Alchemia (ASX : ACL), I have been informed that my implied statement that Mr Ken Poutakidis, who recently joined the struggling board of ACL, was previously a director of Phosphagenics (ASX : POH) is in fact incorrect.

I made a determination on the basis of reasonable information that was publicly available via Bloomberg and BusinessWeek databases. I also checked POH annual reports back as far as the (oldest available) 2009 archived report and observed that Mr. Poutakidis was noted as a related-party option holder (now lapsed), which (incorrectly) affirmed my assumption that he had previously had a more formal role in the company.

I would like to make the correction that although Mr. Poutakidis may have had a prior advisory roles to POH, he has never (apparently) been a director of the company.


Awesome Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire.

4 thoughts on “ACL : Erratum (Mr. Ken Poutakidis)

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  2. No matter Chris, little damage done (if any)

    There is still an egregious whiff of POH wafting from others on the board


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