Suda went to BIO

Yep, that’s correct folks.

Today Suda Limited (ASX : SUD), announced that it attended BIO 2015 in Philadelphia. Unlike, for example, the Cynata blokes that love to inform everyone that they are going to a conference, Suda wants us to know that they just went and got the friggin’ tee-shirt. They want us to know that they had a great time at the “show”, drumming up business, checking out the sights, hanging out at Morimoto’s, and just generally having the good ol’ time that a bunch of wide-eyed Western Australians tend to do when they go to the Big Smoke. Frankly, it must have been a huge deal for them because it evidently took them almost two weeks to “come down” from the euphoria of the event and let us know about their excellent adventure.

Or maybe it took them two weeks to row back to Perth?

Now that would worthy of a press release.

“Quantity and quality” of meetings. Goodness, that’s real price-moving stuff. Mazeltov guys, thanks for sharing! I didn’t get my postcard from Philly or the “I HEART Philly” coffee mug that I requested, so I’m glad you did an ASX announcement instead. A price-sensitive one, no less.

Maaaaaate, where's my coffee mug?

Maaaaaate, where’s my coffee mug?

My only suggestion is this – and it’s a little commercial piece of advice to avoid the serious possibility of cannibalising your own products. If you keep boring the shit out of us with these sort of announcements, we aren’t going to need your “Zolpimist” insomnia shite any more. Instead, we are all just going to get on the ASX portal every night before we knock off and read about what you have been doing in the world.

That should just about do the trick.

Denoted as price-sensitive, no less... idiots.

Denoted as price-sensitive, no less… idiots.


3 thoughts on “Suda went to BIO

  1. Lol Chris you missed the best bit. The announcement is a cut and paste from last years announcement where the SUD boys went to the same conference. Sort of self plagiarism – which many people do associate with that other stuff blokes do to themselves on their own.

    So ala Mediawatch style someone skilled in the art of yellow highlighter pen really needs to go through the two announcements to calculate the percent of “coincidences”. My guess 90%.

    To be honest I think the changes made in this years announcement detract from the mojo created from last years announcement.

    How could you beat the final paragraph is last years announcement:

    “The interest in our pipeline and technology from US and international companies at the BIO 2014 convention exceeded our expectations. Many of these new prospective partners have already indicated a desire to advance to full due diligence and will thus have to compete with the pharmaceutical companies that have already advanced to this stage of deal making. I am delighted by the progress we are making towards our business development goals.”

    Translated this means.

    The SUD boys went to a speed dating event. There were 15,000 blokes and 50 women. All the 50 women wanted to go out on a date. But the new prospects are going to have to compete with SUDs current girlfriends – and go a little bit further than “full due diligence” (if you know what I mean here). So realistically its going to be a huge challenge for these new women. But you never know what women are capable of and so it delightful to be in this position.

    The sexual tension is building. This is where I think SUDs stiffy mist must comes into play.


    • You crack me up SouthOz. I must confess, I didn’t even think to look at what they wrote last year, but from now on, any time I ridicule a company for engaging in this ridiculous behaviour, I will doublecheck.

      I watched all these goofballs on HC get excited about the announcement. Someone PLEASE go and tell them how stupid they are, since I can’t.

      Honestly, the mind boggles.


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