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Many thanks to all of my readers for the feedback, communication (positive, negative, otherwise…) and suggestions over the past few months. I’ve tried to improve this blog on the basis of your input and I always welcome constructive criticism. It’s certainly great to see that there many people who are passionate as I am about making our life sciences industry better.

At the request of many individuals that either don’t use an RSS feed or don’t want to subscribe to WordPress (kind of a headache, I admit) I have set up a simple email subscription form. If you wish to “subscribe”, please use this form and I will notify you by email when a new post goes out, along with a link to the post. For the avoidance of doubt, I will not share this subscription list with any 3rd parties and all notifications are private. You can use the same form at any time to remove yourself from the list (just indicate this in the comment field).

Thanks for reading.


Awesome Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire.

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