HotCopper – No Longer

Over the past few weeks I have endured an extraordinary amount of abuse on HotCopper. Unfortunately when I try to defend myself with reference to my blog, HotCopper deletes my commentary because it is construed as “advertising.” On one occasion I did post a URL and so I accepted the temporary account suspension. However when others pick up my writing and then lambast me for it, I don’t seem to be permitted to effectively comment back.

I originally raised it with HotCopper:

I’ve recently had posts removed that link to external personal blog content on the basis that it is advertising. It isn’t, it’s a non-commercial, non-trading, non-financial advisory web site. It’s intended to voice an opinion in a structured way. I’m a big fan of your site and think it does a great thing for shareholder activism, but I didn’t really like having my post taken down on the basis that it was commercial. Please advise

This is the response I got:

We’re happy for you to share your posts and content on HotCopper, but certainly not happy to have members taken out of HotCopper to read a blog that you want to get started with.


Today I have requested deletion of my HotCopper account because as far as I can tell, HotCopper isn’t interested in shareholder rights, it’s just interested in eliminating anything that might divert traffic to its website. From now on, if you want to abuse me directly, you’ll have to abuse me on this forum. If you look at the comments I have permitted in response to my posts, I am generally willing to accept aggressive criticism.

I will certainly miss the character assassination on a daily basis from people who continue to  choose to lose money on poor quality companies with outrageous marketing claims. If HotCopper elects to continue to eradicate posts that refer to my blog, then you will surely know that protecting shareholder rights is certainly no longer part of the site ethos.


9 thoughts on “HotCopper – No Longer

  1. Hotcopper and it’s members will definitely be the poorer for it.
    Although Hotcopper might be good for shareholder activism, it is also a intermediary used by ‘one stock rampers ‘ and companies alike who have no interest other than to gee a stock up.
    And heaven help you, should you present a strong opposing view.

    I hope this is not the end of your scrutiny of our biotech companies.


  2. Based on the quality of most posters on Hot Copper, I don’t think you are missing much. Consider it like no longer being able to watch “A Current Affair” to catch up with World News.


  3. I respect your views, but I think you want to have both ways here which just doesn’t fly in the real world.

    The way I understand it, the purpose of the hotcopper discussion forum is to host discussions. If everyone started doing what you suggested you’ve done, and directed users to your own blogs for discussion, it wouldn’t be a discussion forum – it’d be like the craigslist for personal blogs and other website advertisements. What a horrible thought.


  4. Don’t get upset… Can we make requests for company coverage? Would be curious to read on PAA. I think today they just gave everyone a master-class in announcements: ” Second Dog Shows Suppression of Cancer Marker at Days 3 & 7″…. and guess what, the stock is up

    I can not wait for Novogen to announce “Five brain cancer cells have died at 15 minutes and 30 minutes of treatment”. I just love these companies….


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