7 thoughts on “ASX Biopharma : Stop Informal Shareholder Letters

  1. Chris

    Great post…

    Rogers is now the NED having stepped down from Chairman.. but that aside considering your comment:

    “This is a completely inappropriate and unsubstantiated claim for the Chairman of OSL to make in a public forum like HotCopper and it needs to be addressed by the board of OSL.”

    The Board of OSL includes Aston as Chairman, the offending Rogers and the “intimidated” CEO whose job depends on not disagreeing with Rogers. So I dont think we are going to see much leadership or governance occurring.

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      • Why is it worse if he is a NED rather than Chairman…

        I know on some boards the Chairman is not really the “Chairman” in terms of leadership and strength, and I had wondered why they swapped positions…

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      • Agree with you about actual power balance.

        I think it is very atypical for an NED to be “authorised” to communicate with shareholders in this manner. Don’t you?


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